Blackjack tricks
Blackjack trickster

The casino has advantage when it comes to bets. And it differs based on the type of a game and strategies applied.

When it comes to slot machines, including online and mobile slots, the house advantage can be as high as 10%. That’s when playing at legitimate casinos. Ending up in an illegal betting den, or wagering via Internet in Nigeria, is as good as taking the money out and burning it with a lighter. Better to do it than to feed the crook.

When it comes to roulette, the winning odds are slightly better and come around 5%. Still, it makes it difficult to win, unless being quite lucky. But then a wager can be multiplied by a factor of 35, or so. Roulette is a game of fun, or for hardcore gamblers.

Speaking of craps, the house advantage varies greatly. It can go from 0.5% percent when betting on odd or even number, or can rise to several percent for bets on specific combinations.

Now, enter the game of blackjack. Here the casino advantage can be as low as 1%-2% when an experienced player sits at a table. When the cards can be counted, the player can even win consistently.

Types of Gamblers

Why would people want to gamble anyway if most lose? There are three types of gamblers. At the bottom, there are problem gamblers, or those who are even willing to sell their wives into prostitution, as well as their kidneys, to raise funds for betting. Those are deranged gamblers and they need help.

The second group is the largest and is composed of everyday Joes who come to a casino to play for fun, hoping even to win big, but being realistic. That is called responsible gambling. Some of them even hit bigger jackpots.

The third group is, by far, the smallest, but it is a deadly herd. Among these are professional poker tournament players or gangs of blackjack card counting gurus, best of whom make millions of dollars from gambling within their lifetimes.

There is also another group, which is also professional, but has crossed the barriers of the law. These are all kinds of scam-artists, tricksters, and crooks who specialize in ripping people off. Those hyenas need to be avoided at all costs. Often, illegal gambling is infested with these monsters. So, be careful. Don’t gamble on the sidewalk.