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Hotel Cleaning Lady Wins a Million at Vegas Poker Table

Feb 27, 2012

Million dollar poker win
Win a million

Poor Mexican girl wins a million dollars at a grand Las Vegas casino poker table.

Juanita M., 29, was an illegal Mexican immigrant from Guadalajara, working day and night to clean Las Vegas hotels. With poor English, as casino gambling news reports, she would have little chance of making it to the top in the American society, as rags-to-riches dream rarely comes true.

Yet, Juanita, who’s father was an underground Mexican casino operator, learned how to play cards at a very young age. She knows how to play to be Winning at blackjack or poker. What her father was hoping is that his smart daughter will take over his casino business once she grows up since her other siblings, a sister and four brothers, have proven to be degenerates.

Her sister became a cheap Tijuana prostitute, two brothers were shot dead while working for a gang, a third brother is serving 25 year prison sentence for gang related killing, and the youngest brother went to Cuba and got lost. So Juanita, who knew a card counting system while a teenager, was the great hope of her father, Carlos.

Unfortunately, one day Carlos failed to appease an angry drug gang leader at his casino when the criminal lost lots of money after pursuing a streak of losing black jack strategies. So, Carlos got shot dead and the casino got closed. Juanita, 24-years-old at a time, first moved to Tijuana to work with her sister as a prostitute After few months she saved enough money to sneak into the United States. The final destination was obvious to her: Las Vegas.

Upon entering the City of Sin, Juanita first went to walk the streets, however, few weeks later she got a job cleaning rooms, the dirtiest ones, no other cleaner wanted to touch. So, as Juanita traveled to clean the rooms, she happened to walk by casino gambling rooms and all the fancy poker and blackjack tables she remembered from her childhood at her father’s casino.

She couldn’t hold it anymore and walked up to a poker table and put at stake $500, which was almost all she had saved. She played for few minutes and… with diamond 10-J-Q-K-A hit a royal flush for a jackpot payout of $1,000,000. Here the story ends as Juanita disappeared soon after.

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