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Gambling Couple Cleans Out Casinos

Mar 11, 2012

Gambling couple cleans out casinos
Gambling couple

We all know of organized gangs of gamblers looking to beat the casinos at their own games. But slot players?

Beating a casino is possible with the games of skill such as poker or blackjack where card counting system can be applied by more advanced players. Land-based casinos, of course, don’t allow it, preferring to profit at the expense of mindlessly playing gamblers. Even better if they get drunk, and casinos take care to treat with ”free” drinks.

On the other hand, playing the games of chance, such as slot machines, is unlike the game involving the blackjack strategy. With slots, players simply spin the wheel, hoping to win big. Many of these machines, including online slots, offer progressive jackpots where, with a single spin, one can become an instant millionaire. The chances of that are low, but what if two people, in a relationship, score twice?

This has actually happened to one unmarried couple. When one lady won $150,000 at a Vegas slot, the casino gambling news has found out that three months before her boyfriend scored as well, but with a much bigger bang, amounting to well over $4 million. It is not clear exactly which game, or games, he played, while it’s known his girlfriend simply scored at a progressive jackpot.

Here, we call them America’s Luckiest Couple. However, some land-based casinos are already feeling a bit uncomfortable when seeing the couple play. What if they score a third win? Will casinos ban them?

Nowadays, however, banned players have other options with mobile casino gambling possibilities. In fact, these also offer progressive jackpots and live blackjack dealings over the Internet to simulate Las Vegas experience as much as possible. Some of these establishments even combine casino and sports betting into one platform, giving players access to hundreds of betting opportunities.

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