Is your life partner obsessed with blackjack? We feel for you. Find out how you can make him forget about the game and focus on you for a while.

The life of a professional gambler can be very hectic. These are people who spend most of the day in a casino, practicing their game, and dedicating their spare time to learning more strategies and card counting systems.

Traveling from one corner of the world to the other, turning their lives upside down to make it to major tournaments, knowing that there’s so much money at stake can cause a great deal of stress. And although the profession has its perks, this is far from not the peaceful, happy lifestyle people imagine for themselves.

Sometimes your partner will be so tired that you’ll be the last thing on his or her mind. So if you’re feeling like you’re not getting enough attention and affection, we have a few tips for you. Check them out.

1. Comp him

Comps are a great way to get a gambler’s attention. They work for casinos, so they should work for you too. It might feel like you shouldn’t have to “bribe” the love of your life in order to get him into bed, but sometimes there is no other solution.

Make sure you don’t go over the top though; after all, you have to “match his deposit”. A nice romantic evening in a hotel room, with a fancy dinner and a bottle of good champagne should be enough.

2. Make a trail of Blackjack cards and casino chips from the door to the bedroom

Ok so you got a hotel room and some champagne. That’s not all that impressive, if you think about it. What else do Blackjack players like? Cards and casino chips, of course!

Try making a trail of blackjack cards and casino chips all the way to the bedroom. This probably makes the perfect bait for a gambler. And if you turn the cards face down, he won’t be able to resist the temptation! He’ll be turning each of them face up, while simultaneously counting cards.

Your only risk with this trick is that he might stop when his cards add up to 15, afraid that he might bust. But even if this happens, you don’t need to panic. Just move on to the next step.

3. Put on some Blackjack themed lingerie

Once you lured him closer to the bedroom, it’s time to put on some of your more convincing moves. Buy some gambling-themed sexy lingerie; that might do the trick! If you can’t find anything you like, covering your body with the remaining blackjack cards will work just as well.

4. Hide his Blackjack strategy charts under the covers

If your loved one is a professional card player, you know just how important blackjack strategy charts are. These are absolutely essential for players who are learning to master this game, because they tell him if he should hit or stand, depending on his card value and the dealer’s up card.

So just tell him that you’ve hidden his strategy charts under the pillows and covers, and he’ll start to look for them desperately.

5. Learn to play Blackjack and beat him!

“If you can’t beat them, join them,” they say. And nothing is sexier than winning, at least in the eyes of a gambler. So another way to impress your partner is to learn and master the game yourself and show off in front of him.

Whoever wins gets to have the loser as a slave for the next hour. This stake will motivate both of you to try your best. Of course, you can always play the sexier version of the game, which is strip Blackjack. The idea is that you two enjoy a fun game together, involving his passion for card games at the same time.

Now that we gave you a few tips on how to get a Blackjack player in bed, it’s time to try them out. And don’t forget, if you need to practice basic blackjack strategy or if you feel like testing your skills out, we can recommend you some of the best online and mobile casinos. Just check out the reviews on your website. Good luck!