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Here are a few helpful tips for beginner blackjack players, familiarizing with basic blackjack strategy on single deck blackjack.

  • The limits of basic blackjack strategy
  • How to learn it and what to except?

“Don’t bother playing without knowing basic strategy,” you’ve probably read something similar on blackjack forums or blogs. I wouldn’t go that far, since some play only for fun. However, if you’re eager to lower the house edge, basic blackjack strategy is, indeed, essential. The good thing is that compared to other smart strategies, basic strategy is rather easy to memorize. Also, there are plenty of charts out there, that will help you through the first steps.

First of all, we need to clarify something about basic blackjack strategy. It only works for single deck, classic blackjack. This is the simplest version of blackjack and as players say, the only one that is compatible with the basic strategy. But there’s no need to worry, as single deck blackjack is not some rare variant. Nowadays, there are plenty of single deck blackjack games, with both low- and high bet limit, just a click away from you.

How to learn the basic startegy?

There are many misconceptions about basic blackjack strategy. The most notable one is that it’ll give you an edge over the casino. You cannot overcome the casino edge just by using this strategy. However, it is enough to lower it to 0,5%, which is a great start. In order to beat the casino, you would need to learn card counting and betting strategies. The latter, advanced strategies, are not for everybody. Basic strategy on the other hand is simple yet fun.

If you’re planning for long-term with blackjack, basic strategy will serve as a foundation for your knowledge. There are many Blackjack rule variations, so in order to lower the house edge at the other variants you’ll need to acquire additional rules and blackjack strategies. Knowing the this foundation-technique by heart will make it much easier for you later.

The easiest way to memorize basic blackjack strategy is to open a browser window with single deck blackjack and another window with the chart. After that, you should left-click on the Windows taskbar and choose ‘Show windows side by side.’ Now, you’re ready and set to play blackjack, using the basic strategy.

After a few rounds of blackjack, you’ll be more and more comfortable and the recommended actions will begin to stick. Even at this point it’s strongly advised to double-check the chart because you might memorize something wrong, which can be hard to erase.

What to except from the basic blackjack strategy?

It’s pretty easy to find general information on the basic strategy. However, there’s only a limited amount of info about the strategy in work. I’ve tried it on the Low Limit Single Deck Blackjack of READYtoBET Casino. Sometimes I felt really uncomfortable with the suggested steps. What I mean is that I would have acted differently if it’s up to my instincts. However, if you want to learn the chart, you have to follow it.

The basic strategy was created by computers, simulating millions of hands. It’s based on mathematics and statistics. There’s another thing you must remember when playing this strategy: it might seem useless at the first few (hundred) hands, but it’s does work in the long run. Its is backed by cold scientific facts.