Bingo in Alabama
Alabama bingo

Dream of bingo jobs and tax revenues crushed due to legal mumbo-jumbo.

Alabama-based Etowah County public service managers’ efforts to create $200 million bingo casino in the area has been halted. So are 2,000 jobs expected to be generated because of it. As casino gambling news uncovered, the state general attorney’s office has raised some concerns about the legal status of bingo playing in the state and requested technical evaluation of the bingo machines.

The county has amended its bylaws in late 1980s to allow bingo, however, not much has been done until now. What has raised legal concerns is whether the computer-generated bingo is really a bingo.

What we think is that it is bingo. Just the way mobile bingo is. What we also understand is that a job is a job and that halting the development of a bingo casino will hurt the local people.

The recent what-is-bingo-mania has started when the ex-Governor, Bob Riley, created an anti-gambling unit which scared away electronic bingo operators. Perhaps, consulting the bingo players can help to define what is the game about and how computers affect it. Additional confusion was created after the Alabama Supreme Court declared that computer bingo needs to mirror that of traditional bingo to be legal.

According to Rep. Craig Ford, Democratic House minority leader, ” The bottom line is that instead of wasting more tax dollars and government resources on bingo investigations and trials, we should let the voters in each county decide if they want to legalize and tax bingo.” Very smart statement, which the voters may appreciate come the election time.

This makes us wonder: will every single game such as online blackjack need investigation whether it is true to its original form?

As of now, 2,000 Alabama bingo jobs will have to wait until the legislators and judges decide what is and what is not bingo. In the case they need to know what blackjack is, tell them to visit our site.