blackjack 5 card rule

Though many nonplayers will assume that all blackjack is the same, it consists of several gaming varieties. All have more or less the same gameplay. But they will each have several particular rules which make each one of them quite a unique playing experience. One of the rarest, but most beneficial rules is the blackjack 5 card rule. Otherwise known as the 5-card Charlie, it rewards the player who can receive five cards in a row without going bust. No easy feat!

The Rare But Useful Blackjack 5 Card Rule 

On the face of it, casino blackjack appears to be a very simple game. And in many ways that’s true. But then when you start to dive a little deeper into the most popular online blackjack game types. Suddenly you begin to realize just how many different rules and variations there are. Then things become more complex. Today we’re going to have a look at the blackjack 5 card rule, otherwise known as 5-card Charlie. We should start by saying that this blackjack rule doesn’t appear in many variations of the game.

Nevertheless, it’s still a great rule for blackjack players individually when you stumble across it. Now and again you may come across the blackjack 5 card rule, in which cases important to understand exactly how it functions. This way you’ll be able to take full advantage of it.

How To Judge Blackjack Rule Variations

Of course, how you go about interpreting the various rules in blackjack is subjective. There are some which can be objectively described as either “good” or “bad.” Here at, we have a simple trick to deciding which is which. By far the simplest way is to make a comparison between the house edge and return to player percentage. We do this for each of these rules.

blackjack 5 card rule
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As a given, a good rule of thumb would be to have a higher return to the player along with a lower house edge. At the other end of the spectrum, a bad rule would have a lower return percentage. Especially if coupled with a much higher house edge.

Always Compare Like For Like

When playing with the blackjack 5 card rule, it’s interesting to compare the return to player percentages between games that utilize the 5 card rule, and those that don’t. On the whole, those utilizing this rare rule will see a 1.46% higher return on games. It’s critical to understand the difference in return tom player is by comparing blackjack games that have the same rules. But one will be missing the 5 cards Charlie rule. Now if any of the other rules in the game are different, then your percentage return is going to change as well. 

You’ll Need To Search To Find It

As we’ve previously stated, the blackjack 5 card rule is very favorable for you. But keep in mind that there are going to be some rules which will hurt you overall. Remember that the casino is not so keen on helping you win. A good example would be a blackjack game that makes use of the 5 cards Charlie rule, yet only pays out 6 to 5 for a natural blackjack. The better payment is the regular 3 to 2 you’ll receive in a regular game of blackjack. We suggest that you spend some time looking through the rules of each particular blackjack game before you jump in.

blackjack 5 card rule
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It’s a good idea to compare one variant to another. This is to ensure that the specifics for that game are more favorable to the player. Probably the best online blackjack games are those to be found at 22Bet Casino. They also have a great selection of live dealer games as well. 

What Is the Blackjack 5 Card Rule In Blackjack?

The blackjack 5 card rule allows you to automatically win a hand when you reach a certain number of cards in one round. This is providing you don’t go over 21. And keep in mind that the rule doesn’t mention anything about the total number of cards the dealer has in his possession. The simplest explanation of the rule is the number of cards you collect. And to make life easier, it’s in the name. So, a 5-card Charlie rule means the number of cards reaches up to five. But you’ll also find a 6-card Charlie and even a 7-card Charlie rule.

Dealing The Blackjack Table

If you start your hand holding an Ace and a 2, then you’ll already know the correct blackjack strategy. It’s to always hit. Now if you land another 2, then you’ll hit again and take another card. Being up to 3 cards you still have a total of 5 or 15. Then you should go for another card. Hopefully, you receive a 3 for a total of either 8 or 18. Now the correct play in a regular game that doesn’t use the blackjack 5 card rule is to stand on 18. But if the dealer is showing an 8 or higher, and the game does have the  5-card Charlie rule in place, then the correct strategy is to take the fifth card. You’re not going to bust in this situation. Thereby allowing the fifth card to hopefully lock in some winnings.

We suggest that you look at the blackjack 5 card rule as simply an additional way to win. On the whole, you’re going to be playing most of your hands in the same manner as you would do with any other variation of blackjack. Once in a while though, you’ll receive a hand where you can make use of the blackjack 5 card rule as an extra advantage. We strongly suggest that you grab it with both hands.

Is The Blackjack 5 Card Rule Any Good?

On the whole, we view the blackjack 5 card rule as a good rule. After all, it’s going to help you receive a higher return to the player. And as you’re well aware, in all casino games, finding anything that will give you an added advantage, particularly in terms of return to player, is going to be very useful. Here are two of the main reasons why this is a good rule.

blackjack 5 card rule
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You can look upon the blackjack 5 card rule as an additional method to win a hand. Obviously when it comes to classic blackjack, then you must have a total higher than the dealer. But without going over 21. Or if you don’t go over 21, then the dealer has to go over it. But with the blackjack 5 card rule, you can simply win by having 5 cards in your hand, providing you don’t go over 21. And it doesn’t matter if the dealer has a higher count than you. Or doesn’t go bust. With 5 consecutive cards in your hand, you win.

Another reason why we like this rule is that it gives you another game-winning strategy. Providing you use it with care and alongside your perfect blackjack strategies. As with any new strategy you’ve learned for blackjack, it will be an additional weapon in your armory. By slightly changing the house edge to your advantage it will help increase your winning chances.

Where Can You Find The Blackjack 5 Card Rule?

Any rule that’s going to hand a benefit to the customer is not going to be so popular with the casino. After all, casinos are in the money-making business. For themselves, and not for you! They prefer games that work against the player rather than for the player. To that end, finding blackjack games in Canada that offer the 5 cards Charlie rule is going to be quite difficult. We suggest that you carefully peruse the rules of any number of online casinos. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find those that offer the blackjack 5 card rule.

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It’s Not The Most Important Rule

One final point to keep in mind is that this is not the most important rule. Especially when it comes to comparing blackjack games. More important are the surrender rules and finding tables that pay 3 to 2 for blackjack. But having said that, the blackjack 5 card rule does have its place. And it can certainly change your fortune and bankroll in an instant. For a better understanding, we suggest that you head over to 22Bet Casino. Not only do they give all new Canadian players a great welcome bonus of 100% up to C$300, but you can take part in free blackjack practice. This is a sure-fire means of improving your gameplay, and in doing so, your confidence.