Canadian luxury casinos

Though Canada has strict laws when it comes to gambling and sports betting, both online and offline, you can still find some great games of blackjack in Canadian luxury casinos dotted around the country. Many of these will be in the larger cities of Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. Just like their US counterparts, they all offer a huge variety of table games, lotteries, and slots. You’ll find all the staples there, including roulette, poker, baccarat, craps, and of course, our favourite casino table game, blackjack.

Blackjack In Canadian Luxury Casinos 

When people think about gambling in North America, their minds turn automatically to the gambling resorts of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. And these are huge gambling hubs, and many people forget about north of the border of the USA. Though it’s fair to say that Canadians have a much shorter history and tradition when it comes to gambling. Nevertheless, you can find many exciting gaming opportunities in Canadian cities. Just as you can find in some of the biggest gambling hubs around the world. So if you want to play blackjack in Canadian luxury casinos, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Canadian Casinos Offer All Types Of Blackjack 

Just as with all nations, Canadians love to gamble. So it’s no surprise that the brick and mortar casinos you’ll find across Canada all offer the regular casino games including blackjack. Even though playing online has now superseded visiting the brick-and-mortar casino, nevertheless, visiting land-based Canadian luxury casinos is still going to offer you a different type of experience.

Here at, it’s true that we are primarily focusing on online casinos like 22Bet Casino. This is not only our favourite casino but also the best online casino for blackjack. But we still recommend that you experience both the online and offline casinos to experience the best of both worlds. You’ll find that each will have something unique to offer every type of gambler. 

Canada Offers Some Of The World’s Best Casinos

Though indeed, the blackjack in Canadian luxury casinos cannot compete with online casinos, in terms of value for money or the variety of games they offer, it’s a completely different type of experience. Consider that despite the popularity of online casinos, just how these land-based casinos continue to be jam-packed with players. When it comes to Canadian casinos, you’ll find that they can easily compete with the best that Las Vegas has to offer.

Canadian luxury casinos
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In fact, over the years, many US citizens travel north of the border to visit their Canadian counterparts. As of writing, Canadian casinos have become popular holiday destinations. Just like those famous resort casinos found from Macau to Las Vegas, you’ll find that those in Canada incorporate bistros, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, as well as hotels. Furthermore, they beat Las Vegas and Atlantic City hands down simply because of their unbelievably gorgeous Canadian settings.

Highly Regulated Luxury Canadian Casinos 

Another fact to keep your mind is that, just like online casinos, real land-based casinos also have to abide by the highest standards of regulation. Canada and its provinces have very strict laws concerning gambling. To operate gaming including blackjack in Canadian luxury casinos within the country, these gambling companies need to follow the best practices as laid down by the government’s regulatory authority.

The Best Casinos In Canada

Below we’ve made a shortlist of three of the best known land-based Canadian luxury casinos. You’ll find that they offer the staple table games of poker, roulette, and baccarat. More importantly, if you’re a blackjack player, they have any number of tables dedicated to this game of skill. Because we’re in Canada, you’ll find that many of the dealers will speak both English and French. 

  • Caesars Windsor

Without a doubt, the Caesars Windsor is one of the top gambling destinations for both US and Canadian players. The casino has been around for around 20 years.

Canadian luxury casinos
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To that end, it knows its business better than anyone. As a result, it can certainly offer any customer one of the best gambling experiences to be found in North America.

  • Casino de Mont-Tremblant

You can find the Casino Des Mont-Tremblant situated in the beautiful Versant Soleil. It offers a gaming experience that will satisfy even the pickiest of casino gamblers. 

  • Casino de Montréal

First opening its doors in 1993, the Casino de Montreal is the largest land-based casino in Canada today. Recently some serious renovations took place which now gives it a more modern and sophisticated makeover. The casino also offers a massive choice of bars and restaurants as well as other forms of entertainment.

Live Dealer vs. Land-Based Table Games

If you’re used to playing live dealer games online but have never been to a real casino, then this is probably as close as you’re going to get to authentic land-based action. We think that it’s a good idea that before you become too immersed in your online gambling experience, you take the time to visit real land-based Canadian luxury casinos. This way you’ll be able to compare the two venues and see which playing style suits you better.

Of course, to visit a land-based establishment means you’ll have to get dressed up. Also, you’ll have to spend the time, effort, and money travelling to get there. Whereas playing online, you can simply be sat on your sofa in the comfort of your own home. Whilst still dressed in your pyjamas. 

An Unbeatable Ambience For Blackjack In Canadian Luxury Casinos

When it comes to playing live dealer blackjack, the game is the same as if you are playing in front of a real dealer at a land-based casino. So you might ask, why should you bother making the effort of going to a real casino when the game of blackjack is going to be identical in both game play and rules?

Canadian luxury casinos
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The truth is that you would be missing out on a big part of the whole brick-and-mortar casino experience. This is the spine-tingling ambience of sitting up at a real blackjack table. Surrounded by other players at each elbow. Then from your seat, be able to scan the gaming floor. The sheer noise and colours give you a feeling like no other.

Online Blackjack In Canadian Luxury Casinos Is Cheaper

As we’ve previously mentioned, if you’re playing online, then you will have many more resources at your fingertips. For a start, you’ll find that the betting table limits will be much cheaper. This will allow your bankroll to last much longer. We feel that playing online will give you an exciting and immersive experience. Yet it still struggles to compensate for the lack of atmosphere. By simply watching an HD stream of a dealer on your PC or portable phone, you’re not taking part. Looking at the game via a screen leaves you somewhat divorced from the action. 

A Real Casino Is Full Of Distractions

Some may argue that playing blackjack in Canadian luxury casinos, or anywhere else for that matter, is chock full of other distractions. In truth, they have a valid point. But if you’ve decided to play blackjack for example, just stick with one game. Keep a laser focus on how you deal with your bankroll. Then attending a live casino game in a real casino is still going to offer a better playing experience. It’s always a good idea though, to practice by playing online before you venture into a real casino. 

Play Free Play Blackjack Online To Improve

You’ll find that many online casinos like 22Bet Casino will offer all their blackjack games in the form of “free play.” This is, essentially, free blackjack practice that allows you to play with either virtual money or no money at all. The most important point here is that you don’t have to touch your bankroll whilst you’re playing. It’s a great way to learn about the perfect blackjack strategies you should use, as well as the rules and the game play.

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Legal Land-Based Blackjack In Canadian Luxury Casinos

Right now more than 75 land-based casinos are operating across Canada. But if you’re a Canadian player, then you probably already know that the Canadian government bans all offshore casinos. They try and do this at the IP level. But despite this, the online casino continues to accept Canadian players who are paying with Canadian dollars.

You’ll also find that many payment platforms including Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, along with all e-Wallets, are perfectly happy to be utilized for supporting offshore gambling sites. In truth,  the Canadian Government recognises that it’s fighting an uphill battle. As such, now it leaves virtually all gambling laws and licensing up to individual provinces. You’ll find that some have more strict attitudes towards online gambling than offers. 

Nevertheless, if you’re a blackjack novice or veteran living in Canada, it’s easy to find an excellent and professional game of blackjack. Or maybe the latest online blackjack tournaments. After all, there’s one waiting for you in any of the land-based casinos in Canada. Playing blackjack in Canadian luxury casinos is something every gambler should experience firsthand.