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Over the last couple of decades, we’ve witnessed a massive rise in the genre of internet gambling. As blackjack is one of the casino’s most popular games, then it’s no surprise that online casinos are constantly bringing new gambling apps to the marketplace. For the blackjack player, this is great news. Not only are there a huge number of gaming variants available to play, but there’s also the option of completely free play blackjack apps. These allow the player to experience the game for free.

Best Blackjack App 

The game of blackjack was originally called “Vign-Un” and the game’s history dates back to the early 17th century. If we look at today’s game, we can thank its evolution to the development of microchips and the internet. Furthermore, moving on from simple HTML web pages, we now have blackjack apps that make utilizing your mobile device to play blackjack even easier than ever. We can see now that from the casino table to the mobile phone, the future of blackjack lies with ever-improving mobile technology and the continuing development of the blackjack app.

So today at, we thought we’d have a look into the best blackjack app that is available for online gamblers. This would include apps that are available at online casinos like 22Bet Casino, and also the best mobile blackjack games you can play for free. This is a great way to practice your blackjack strategies without any risk to your bankroll.

Best Blackjack App – How To Choose?

If you go to Google’s Play Store, then you’ll see that they’re a multitude of the very type of blackjack apps, with them all vying for your attention. It can’t be a real problem to know which ones are reputable as real money blackjack apps and which ones are going to be a complete waste of your money. If you’re a beginner or novice, then we suggest that you play on a free blackjack app to get started.

blackjack app
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The gameplay will be the same as if you were playing on a real money app. The only difference would be, that because you’re not spending any money, you’ll not be able to win any prizes. So you should look upon the free blackjack apps as it means of practice end of having fun. But without the stress of spending any of your cash.

Free Play Blackjack App

A good starting strategy for a newbie would be to study the basic blackjack strategy chart. If you were going to play in a brick-and-mortar casino, then learning the chart by heart would be a good idea. But if you’re going to be playing online blackjack, then you could simply have the strategy chart at your elbow and consult it whenever you want to. This blackjack chart will increase your winning chances significantly. It’s just one step removed from counting cards. Keep in mind that blackjack is the game that can quickly double up the amount you have. Or you can simply double your losses in no time! We strongly suggest that you bet with care when using a real money blackjack app. As with all forms of gambling, you must play responsibly.

As you’re probably well aware over the last couple of decades online gambling has come to dominate the whole gambling industry. Land-based casinos still have their purpose. But they’ve gradually been pushed to the sidelines. Today, we have a boom in smartphones, meaning that the competition for brick-and-mortar casinos is even harder. Of course, how can they compete with the sheer amount of content that a good online casino can offer? In some ways, the internet is also responsible for a huge quality change in gaming. Today we can find games that are both amazing, immersive, and exciting. And all are available at any time and from anywhere at the touch of a blackjack app icon on your phone screen.

Claim Your Welcome Bonus

If you head over to any online casino, you’ll be faced with a huge number of table games. These include slots, live dealer games, and even more. At that point, you may even wonder why you even need a free blackjack app. But we suggest that having one is always a good idea. After all, you never know when you might get lucky. Let’s face it, blackjack has always been one of the most popular games in every casino, whether online or off. Of course, by signing up to an online casino to download the blackjack app, you’re going to be able to claim they’re an amazing welcome bonus.

blackjack app
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This can come in the form of free cash or free spins. Nevertheless, it will give you a massive head start. For example, 22Bet Casino gives all new players a welcome bonus of 122% up to €300! If you look closely, you may even find a dedicated online blackjack bonus as well. Though we’ve previously mentioned that you can play using a free blackjack app to practice, the truth of the matter is nothing is going to beat the excitement of playing with real money apps. You’ll have the added incentive to be able to play the perfect blackjack strategy. And then, hopefully, take some winnings home with you.

Most Popular Real Money Blackjack Games

Choosing the best real money blackjack app is not an easy job. It seems like every day, hundreds of gaming software companies are bringing new products onto the app market. Especially big production companies like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt. But if we sift through most of the apps on offer, then just choose those which offer a quality playing experience. To that end, we can certainly recommend the following casino apps:

  • Double Exposure Blackjack by NetEnt (Great Modern Blackjack Game)
  • Single Deck Blackjack by NetEnt (Perfect Blackjack Game for New Players)
  • Blackjack Switch by Playtech (Most Popular Blackjack Game)
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack by Microgaming (Best Blackjack Odds)
  • Player’s Suite Blackjack by IGT (Amazing Modern Blackjack Features)
  • Blackjack 21+3 by Felt Gaming – (Excellent Blackjack Gameplay)
  • American Blackjack by Playtech (Top-Rated Blackjack Game in America)

Watch Your Bankroll

We should point out that the rules of blackjack mean that virtually all of the above games are going to be very similar. Probably the biggest difference is that some will allow you to bet with more than one hand. Yet others may have splits and doubles. But looking at the games from a general perspective, we can see that they are virtually the same.

blackjack app
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Keep in mind that when you’re betting at an online and offline casino, then there will be table betting limits. Another factor to keep his mind is that playing an online game is going to have a much faster turnover of hands. This means that it’s very easy to overspend. Of course, the idea of double or nothing does sound very exciting. Nevertheless, we suggest that you always approach any casino game like blackjack with a predetermined budget and your set betting limits.

Free Blackjack App – Learn How to Play

Common sense will tell you that the best way to learn anything is through direct experience. Well, when it comes to blackjack, then you don’t necessarily want to be spending money to learn perfect blackjack strategies. So just think how amazing it is that you’re able to learn in the real-life casinos, but without spending a dime. The game is pretty much the same as offered by different developer companies, and all offer a free version of the blackjack app. Keep in mind that some of these will be available to try as mobile blackjack apps for Android and others with iOS. And some of them will be available for both platforms. We suggest that if you have problems locating one in a particular app store then head over to another phone app store to look for the app.

  • Blackjack – Casino Card Game by Octa Studios
  • Blackjack – Gambling Simulator by Netviking AB
  • Blackjack by MobilityWare
  • Blackjack 21! by Banana & Co.
  • myVEGAS Blackjack 21 Card Game by Playstudios INC
  • Blackjack by Tripledot Studios Limited

One thing we should point out is that all free games today will come with paid advertisements. Many companies will tie the watching of these ads to the amount of free cash they give you to play with. Another thing all free blackjack apps will have is the possibility to make in-game purchases of virtual money, but using real money. Today you’ll find that many free blackjack apps will give you free money all day. Providing you watch their ads. nevertheless, these apps are still great for free blackjack practice.

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Online Blackjack App Tournaments – A Great Start

In the same manner as with poker tournaments taking place around the world, then the same applies to blackjack. Of course, at first, this idea seems rather strange because we all know that blackjack is simply one player playing against the house or dealer. So how can there be a blackjack tournament with other players involved? Well, there’s an easy answer for that. Every player has to pay an entry fee to participate in the tournament. Once in, you then split into several groups where several people will play at each table. The last one standing at each table then goes forward to play the other last player standing from another table. Eventually, there’ll just be two players left. In effect, you can look upon this as a “last man standing” tournament. 

We feel that blackjack tournaments are a really good method for the inexperienced player to watch and learn from the best. You should take notes of how other players place their hands. And how quickly they work. By being alert and attentive, you’ll build up a thorough knowledge base including the rules, the gameplay, and the logic that all take a part in playing blackjack.