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Drug dealer arrested after winning at blackjack
Blackjack bust

When you cash out at a casino, make sure you got no warrant arrest as land-based casinos cooperate with the cops.

Mr. J., as casino gambling news, report, always sought easy money where profits came quickly. While dealing PCP, crack, and cocaine, the man liked to supplement his income with blackjack.

One day, Mr. J. sold several bags of pipe-ready crack to police informant who happened to be one of his old high school buddies, hoping for a reduced sentence due to cooperation with the investigators. As Mr. J’s legs were quick, he ran away from the scene. Basketball, a game he played on a Newark, NJ, high school team, enabled the dealer to run quickly while jumping fences better than Tarzan ever could.

After the bust, Mr. J. had his crack dealing corners burned, so he had to turn to his other passion, Blackjack cards. When the drug dealer entered a Pennsylvania casino, he couldn’t have imagined what will await him.

As life writes the most interesting stories, the gambler sat by a blackjack table and quickly applied all the Blackjack Tips he knew. The results were great. The drug-dealer won $2,500.

Unfortunately, the blackjack rules don’t tell a criminal to be careful at a casino when there’s an arrest warrant in circulation. Only common sense will. Mr. J. could have hired a crackhead to come to the casino cashier and exchange tokens for cash. The service fee is low: a bag or two.

Instead, the blackjack winner went to cash his loot himself. Upon giving ID, the casino checked the man and found out he’s wanted by the police. This time, the man was caught and likely will serve a long prison sentence.

According to the police, they will hold his $2,500 blackjack win until he leaves free. Now, the question arises: do mobile casinos tell the cops?