blackjack-european-union-310314Blackjack and the EU

If some of the EU member states were casino games, who’d get to be blackjack and who’d be a slot machine?

Gambling is enjoyed for the most part throughout the entire EU, with only minor restrictions applying in certain member states. Recently, there has been the suggestion that new legislation and regulations could come into place in the very near future, which will provide a ‘blanket’ set of rules on the matter for all countries.

This would be beneficial to providers of internet and mobile casinos, which have been subjected to the most restrictions; such as not being permitted to offer their services outside their own country to other countries within the same union.

The EU parliamentary elections are due to be held in May this year, and after this has taken place a final decision should be made about the fate of online gambling in the EU. We’ve decided to have a bit of fun with this and have imagined who would be what, if some of the member states became casino games.

Smart play; on the table and in policies

Most popular casino games:

• Poker

• Craps

• Blackjack

• Slots

Okay, so there are 28 member states and we can’t assign them all to games; so we’ve taken some of the states with the characteristics which can best be matched to a corresponding country. First up, the country best known for playing smart and holding the most power in Europe, Germany, has got to be the famous game of blackjack.

Winning at blackjack can be done if you just take your chances; but it’s more than likely if you don’t know what you’re doing, that you’re going to lose. That’s why the best way to make sure you win, is to play smart; learn the strategy, know how to bet, watch your dealer and if you’re really good, count cards.

Germany does the exact same thing; just not at the poker table, instead on a political stage. German politicians are known for making deals with other countries using policy loopholes; smart moves.

What can you do by yourself?

In poker, you’re not playing against the house; you’re competing with the other players. Casino table manners and your ‘poker-face’ are more important in this game than in any other. This is your arsenal, and the bigger it is, the better. Therefore, the country that would be poker has to have the biggest arsenal they can use, available right there in their pockets.

In terms of money, then it would be Germany again, but Germany is blackjack. So, in terms of armed forces, it’s got to be the United Kingdom. The UK, the only member state not land-locked to Europe, has got the largest military force out of all the nations.

In poker, you need to rely on your own ability to beat your opponents by relying on what you have behind you; these are your skills, or in Britain’s case their armed forces. You need to be able to wok what you see in front of you also, by reading the other players and knowing what’s a bluff and what’s a tell; so it’s good to have good relations with the others at the table. Britain does this quite well, too.

‘I’ll put it all on black’

Roulette is one of the games where no skill comes into play at all; although sometimes it could be considered skillful to know when to walk away from the wheel. Some players though, don’t know when to walk away and can end up in some serious debt with the casinos. Roulette is an easy game to rack debt up with due to the short time between spins and the addictive nature of picking your favorite numbers.

Yeah, you’ve guessed it right, Roulette is Greece. The Greek financial debt crisis has been around for a while now, and so far they have already had to rely on multiple rescue packages and bail-outs from their European brothers and sisters. There are no smart strategies to help with roulette; it’s pure luck. By the looks of things, Greece hasn’t been too smart with their own strategies.

Slots, slots, slots

Slot machines are simple, cheap and can be played by anyone, anywhere; they exist in huge numbers all over the place, inside and out with casino walls. The ease of access and simplicity are major characteristic of this method of gambling; they require no skill and are pretty fun. Arguably the most relaxed of all casino gambling games.

Therefore we have put the easy-going, dope-smoking enthusiasts of the Netherlands as the simple slot machine. Fun and free-spirited people can be found all over the Dutch country, who are known for their liberal approach to some certain topics which are treated with much more stringent laws in other parts of the EU; you know what I’m talking about. Also, they cycle everywhere, how simple and relaxing is that? Answer: very.

So there it is, that’s how the EU members shape up at casino games; do you agree or disagree? If you think that we’ve assigned them incorrectly or have any ideas about other comparisons you think should’ve made the list, let us know and we can get right on it.

For now, turn your attentions to the EU Parliamentary elections and watch the behaviors of the members we’ve mentioned here; see if hey shape up or if maybe, the games are going to change.