Tom Sponseller missing
Tom Sponseller

Gambling and missing money are key in a Lobbyist’s disappearance

According to casino gambling news coming out of the United States, ‘gambling’ and ‘missing money’ could be key elements in an ongoing federal investigation seeking the whereabouts of State lobbyist Tom Sponseller.

Ms. Rachel Duncan, an employee accountant of the South Carolina Hospitality Association, has been questioned by police regarding the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as he sudden disappearance of her boss, Mr. Tom Sponseller.

The Secret Service, though not handling the disappearance of Mr. Sponseller, are currently investigated the case involving the missing money, and despite allegations of gambling being cited the Secret Service are declining to comment on any of the gambling allegations at this time.

Mr. Sponseller disappeared without a trace from his office whilst at work on Saturday February 18th of this year. Despite his Mercedes car still parked in the offices car park, his wallet and cellphone are believed to have been with him.

His disappearance has sparked mass interest in the case, following his close ties to several top public officials and his involvement in South Carolina’s $14 billion tourism industry. Whilst the Secret Service are actively seeking the money, the South Carolina police are on the hunt for Sponseller, though both departments are co-operating with one another.

At present, it is unknown if the case against Ms. Duncan and the missing money, and Mr. Sponseller’s disappearance are connected, but different agencies are kept in constant contact with Secret Service and police as they both seek to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The Secret Service has declined to comment on how they knew the money was missing from the South Carolina Hospitality Association, or indeed how gambling is related to either case. However, they commonly deal with financial matters from money fraud and laundering, to online gambling such as illegal sports betting, slots, poker and online blackjack.

Last week the association hired its own accountant to take a look at the books and review them in the absence of Ms. Duncan, and as of late, there has been no further updates or information releases from either the South Carolina Police Department or the Secret Service.