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Though the rules of the casino table game of blackjack are relatively straight forwards, you’ll also need to master a number of playing strategies if you really want to score some serious winnings. One of the most basic one of these is knowing when you should hit or stand. Essentially, it all comes down to the mathematics of probability. But to make life easy for you, there are blackjack strategy charts available that show you all the possible combinations and whether you should hit or stand.

When To Hit Or Stand in Blackjack? 

One of the most important questions all blackjack players ask themselves when they begin playing is whether there’s a strategy available that will allow them consistent wins. If we compare blackjack with roulette, we can see that the latter relies game completely on luck. But with blackjack, by playing perfect blackjack strategies, it’s possible to significantly influence the outcomes. We would go as far as to suggest, that without an understanding of blackjack strategies, there’s little point in playing. Your hopes of securing winnings are going to be very much reduced. To that you must know know when to hit or stand at the blackjack table.

Battling The House Edge

All casinos have a built-in advantage that’s known as the “house edge.” This ensures that the house always wins. However, it’s possible to reduce the house edge and gain an advantage over the casino by bringing the odds more into your favor. When it come favor the gameplay and strategies for blackjack, the most important one is knowing when to hit.

hit or stand
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Today, at Blackjackchamp.com, we thought we would take a look at the best strategies and gameplay to help you improve your winning odds. By learning how to reduce the house edge, along with knowing when to hit or stand, you’re going to have a much more enjoyable, and even profitable, blackjack experience.

Blackjack Strategy: When to Hit Or Stand

Virtually every blackjack strategy will revolve around the dealer’s up-facing card. The first point is that will you draw until you reach 17 or more if you have a good hand of 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11. If you notice that the dealer has a bad hand of 4, 5, or 6, then you must stop to reach a value of 12 or more. This will limit your chances of going bust, or over 21, with any new card.

Blackjack Strategy: When To Hit

When it comes to knowing whether to hit or stand, there is a very basic rule to keep in mind. Simply put, you should not make a move if the total of your cards is from 5 to 8. This rule holds true no matter what the dealer has in his hand. For example, if the dealer is showing a 4, 5, or 6, then their chances of their hand going bust are to be that much higher.

Hit Or Stand In Blackjack: Quick Tips

If you have a 16 and the dealer has a 10-point card, it’s probably better that you stand. That’s because probability dictates you will lose in the situation if you hit.

hit or stand
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Keep in mind, that there is a situation where the opposite is true. That’s if you happen to have a 16 that’s in the form of two 8s.

Blackjack Strategy: When To Stand

According to the basic single deck blackjack strategy, we should always stand if the sum of cards is between 12 and 16. This only works if the dealer has a 4, 5, or 6. If you have a hand of 17 or more, you can also use the same move. Probably the best choice, if there’s a soft 17 or less, is that you still hit.

Hit Or Stand In Blackjack: Quick Tips

You should always stand if the dealer is showing cards between 2 and 6, and you have a total of between 12 and 16. You can try this out at one of the best online blackjack sites, 22Bet Casino. If you head over to their live dealer blackjack, you’ll have exactly the same experience as if you were seated in a real casino.

When To Double Down or Split In Blackjack?

If used correctly, the double-down option can be very lucrative. With this, you draw and then get only one more card. If you’re playing the European standard rules,  you need a 10 or 11 to secure a double down. If you happen to land a pair of cards of the same value in the starting hand, then you can split thcany each as an independent and separate hand, meaning you can hit or stand on each.

Blackjack Strategy For Splitting Hands 

With split hands, you must place the same bet on each hand. Then simply play the hands independently of each other. Often, you’ll find that the options of playing a split hand will depend on the house rules of that particular online casino you’re playing at.

hit or stand
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Every veteran blackjack player will insist that you never hit if your aggregate score is 20. Having said that, it’s possible to do so if you happen to land two aces. As you probably can guess, the perfect blackjack strategy dictates the two aces should always be played as split hands.

Single vs. Multi-Deck Blackjack

According to single deck blackjack rules, the dealer must hit on a soft 17. But if you’re playing any other version of the game, then you’ll have to stand. Keep in mind, that after the deal you can only draw one more card. That means that if you have a combination with a 10, that’s already considered a score of 21 and not a blackjack. Furthermore, there’s something called the “double reduction option.” This can be played on a hard 910 or 11.

The double deck blackjack strategy will apply if a player is allowed to double after splitting. Today, if you’re playing online live dealer blackjack, you’ll notice that double decks are the standard. With that in mind, we wouldn’t bother during card counting as it will have zero effect.

But there is some good news in the fact that the house edge will be a little lower. take note that 22Bet Casino has some of the best live dealer blackjack bonuses available anywhere. Their generous welcome bonus, coupled with free spins on the slots, can make a huge difference to your overall bankroll.

Hit Or Stand In Blackjack: Blackjack Strategy Chart

The blackjack strategy charts will show you the correct way to play in any situation. Even professional blackjack players consult these charts regularly. On the face of it, this online blackjack strategy chart is very easy to understand.

hit or stand
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The value of the cards in your hand is shown on the left-hand side of the chart. The top row shows the values of the dealer’s hand. You’ll notice that as you draw cards these numbers will increase. Essentially the chart would tell you how the different combinations of cards affect the actions you need to take. it’ll show you clearly when to hit or stand.

Common Blackjack Strategy Mistakes

Your success or failure and the blackjack table are very dependent on the blackjack strategy you choose to utilise. If you deviutilizem this, even for one moment, it’s possible you can suffer a serious loss. So you must have all the diagrams, tables, and charts. Following these to the tee is going to allow you to play at your optimal best.

Hit Or Stand In Blackjack: The Forbidden Insurance Bet

Here at blackjackchamp.com, we suggest you stay well away from the insurance bet. If you’re looking for a reason, just consider that professional players called this the “suckers bet.” If you’re new to blackjack then it may seem like a good idea.

Unfortunately, it’s a long way from what we consider to be responsible gambling. One important consideration that many players forget in blackjack is that you’re not playing against other players. Those sitting around the games table are, like yourself, simply playing into the dealer. Don’t ever be lulled into the false idea that their actions can somehow affect your gameplay.

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