Gambling suicide
Gambling suicide

A stinky and decomposed body of a former hospitality director was recently found in an underground parking lot. What happened?

What has happened is that the elderly man has killed himself, although it is not definite if it was due entirely to a scandal involving gambling maneuvers worse than those of the dirtiest Blackjack tricks. Apparently, the director has become so disturbed by the accounting fraud committed by one of his accountants, that he decided to end his own life, while leaving a good-bye note.

The note, as casino gambling news detail, indicated that a female employee under director’s supervision has siphoned off large amounts of organization’s money to pay for offshore gambling activities. Before the suicide, the federal law enforcement officials have already began investigating the irregularities.

The ongoing investigation resulted in some findings of a close relationship between the director and his female subordinate. It’s not clear whether it was closer to man-woman romance, or a daughter-father like relationship, or both. The sources indicate that he may have known that fraud has been taking place. Any further secrets will be uncovered, however, some will never see the daylight as dead men don’t talk.

Many former high ranking executives within companies, law enforcement, clergy, and the government continue to be caught stealing entrusted money to pay for their losing gambling habits. Some get so desperate that increasingly larger amounts are stolen hoping to recover and return the funds by winning at various games with additions of casino online bonus rewards to augment the bets. Often, due to poor skills, the players go into red even more to the point where bust is imminent.

Only responsible gambling with proper training can increase the chances of winning. In fact, many online casinos offer small stakes wagers, or freeplay, to expose the players to the rules before bigger stakes are placed.