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Let the New Year Find You a Better Blackjack Player – from Blackjack Champ
New Year’s Blackjack

The year 2010 is about to go bust. It has been an exciting year for blackjack players.

New blackjack casinos have opened, thanks to increasingly open-minded governments foreseeing the tax dollars around the next corner. New blackjack variations with progressive jackpots and alternative media have been spawning. And famous blackjack players have been busy developing flying cars.

However, this is also the year BP refused to provide oil spill funds for blackjack dealers. Land based casinos have been trimming the payouts to blackjack winners. And a North Dakota blackjack loser endangered the public by firing his pistol into the air.

Whether 2010 was a good year or a bad year, it’s just about over. But numerology suggests 2011 promises to be a good year for counting cards. Follow the logic:

20 + 11 = 31

But, the 11’s are the Aces.

20 + Ace = 21

Perhaps not a natural blackjack, but according to blackjack rules this hard hand will still beat the dealer unless he draws his own blackjack.

Seems like 2011 is giving us a hot deck, so brush up on your blackjack strategy and visit your favorite online casinos.

May lady luck favor you with a large stack of black chips!

Happy New Year!

-The Blackjack Champ Staff