bayfordsBayfords divorce

Gillian Bayford split from her husband one year after they won the amazing amount of GBP 148 million from Euromillions lottery.

This casino gambling news came out after she left her husband Adrian and the family’s GBP 6 million mansion in Suffolk and moved in with Alan Warnock near Dundee. He is the dealer who sold her five Audis for her family last year. Currently, Warnock left the job that brought him such personal luck.

Bayford confirmed that she broke up with her 43 year old husband last month, who actually bought the EuroMillions ticket. That is how the family won the fantastic prize without the necessity to practice any casino table manners.

The couple explained that the stress that came with winning the massive jackpot was the reason for their divorce.

Big win and new love

A friend of Allan commented on the new couple: “Alan and Gillian are an item and are serious about each other. He sold her the cars she wanted – and romance has blossomed since then.”

They met last October, only two months after the jackpot win, when Gillian went to visit her parents. They went together to John Clark dealership in Dundee and bought three Q7 SUVs for GBP 60,000 and two Q5s for GBP 40,000 from Alan, who was a dealer there.