Super Bowl half time break will see Madonna sing
Madonna Super Bowl

As the Super Bowl final between Giants and Patriots heats up, Madonna will sing during the halftime at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Yes, Madonna, the great singer, will add interest to an already popular sport, while the game rules puzzle many people.

Due to increased interest in American Football, we came up with a series of articles related to this sport as some of our readers are as interested about blackjack as they are in this great American sport.

Since many non-American readers don’t understand the American Football scoring system, we are going to explain it.

One thing to understand is that the point scoring and game play calculations can be as complex as blackjack strategy played with the world’s best casino players.

There are two ways to score in American Football. One is a touchdown and the other is a field goal.

Once the team reaches a touchdown, 6 points are awarded. After this, a team gets a kick with the oval football at a goal post. If the ball makes it, 1 point is awarded.

However, sometimes only few minutes, or seconds, are left in the game. Let’s say then, a team possessing the ball is losing the match by 2 points, while being 20-30 yards from the touchdown line. In this situation, a coach may call a time-out and tell the players to kick the ball at the goalpost, instead of continuing to go for the touchdown.

If the kick takes the ball through the goalpost, the team get 3 points. Thus, as in the example, taking a lead by 1 point, while only moments are left in the game.

This is one of the many smart strategies that exist in sports and table games such as blackjack or poker. In fact, football in not only about force and speed. It is about executing many strategies, reading the opponent, and being precise.