Casino La Vida jackpot win
Jackpot win

Microgaming’s most popular slot title yields 3 million Euros to a lucky German player.

The latest online casino gambling news comes from Casino La Vida, which witnessed its first multi-million progressive jackpot since the launch of the virtual venue 3 years ago.

The prize EUR 3,036,553.77 was collected from the Mega Moolah slot by an unnamed player from Germany, who had registered on the site only a few hours earlier.

Although casinos are not keen on losing money, the publicity value of such an event far outweighs the costs. Attracting and retaining players is a continuous pursuit and such jackpot winnings clearly help that goal.

Casino La Vida’s Promotions Manager, Victoria Lamonte said that “being a member of an online casino has never been more exciting as there are only a few people who are lucky enough to win big after only a few short hours of playing.”

Another component of a successful casino strategy at several major online gambling establishments, and also observed in this case, is to have the sites available in several major languages in addition to English.

Indeed, one of the things that attracted this particular lucky player to Casino La Vida was its availability in German.

Mega Moolah is the most popular Microgaming title out there, having been around since 2006, and producing about 5 winners every year. The last jackpot before this one had taken place on the 1st of February, paying out a EUR 2.56 million win.

Casino La Vida is a full internet casino with over 450 games, including many slots, as well as online blackjack, roulette, craps and video poker.