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Corning One Wireless platform
Corning One

Corning develops integrated platform for high-capacity access.

Forbes 500 industrial company Corning Incorporated announced the launch of a new technology that promises to provide casino resorts, hotels, convention centers and other segments of the MICE industry with “high-speed, high-capacity wireless hubs with virtually unlimited bandwidth”.

The new all-optical solution, the Corning ONE Wireless Platform is able to integrate mobile technologies, allowing multiple applications, such as wireless LAN and location-based services, as well as offering Wi-Fi capability.

The development was motivated by the recognition that the ever increasing use of smartphones, places a heavy strain on networks that were designed with a less demanding laptop access in mind. Moreover, as online gambling is making a comeback in the US, the proliferation of mobile casino gambling is also expected to follow in its wake.

According to the company’s VP for Wireless Networks Mike O’Day, “the wireless needs of the modern organization – be they a large enterprise, an educational institution, or a hotel and convention center – are changing faster than traditional technology approaches can manage.”

“The ONE Wireless Platform combines all of these distinct connectivity needs into a single, unified infrastructure. The platform not only meets the demands of today, but also includes a modular design that provides the scalability required to support future services and applications,” added O’Day.

As several casinos are beginning to offer remote gaming options for mobile device users – whereby these gamblers can wager from the poolside, or try winning at blackjack while sitting at a bar – smooth connectivity and bandwidth availability are matters of increasing importance.

No casino would like to see a patron’s remote gaming experience spoiled by connectivity problems or lags, thus making the difference between playing in the casino and online painfully obvious.

It is therefore not surprising that Corning’s clients for the new solution already include Station Casinos, which operates nine well-known establishments in and near Las Vegas, such as Red Rock Resort and Green Valley Ranch Resort.