Pimp arrested for hosting illegal blackjack
Pimp gambling

Florida pimp, turned underground casino operator, busted as police uncovered a sodoma of illegal gambling, drugs, alcohol, and prostitution sold illegally along with candy bars.

According to casino gambling news, times are getting quite tough for small town crooks in central Florida as the case of a middle aged Daryl J. shows.

The small time pimp decided to run Black Jack tournaments and other gambling games at his rundown barrack to supplement his income that came from running a private whorehouse.

In order for gamblers and prostitutes to present better casino table manners, cocaine and marijuana were offered. Additionally, the house provided other amenities such as candy bars, alcohol, and cigarettes. Full service.

Busted casino dreams

The pimp’s dreams were shattered, and sex workers along with clients busted as the police entered the house. Mr. J’s mistake was the expectation that his illicit operations will go unnoticed.

The fact is that the neighbors got sick and tired of the noises as dozens of people present at the house at the same time.

Now, Mr. J. will have plenty of time to study the best blackjack card counting books while living off taxpayers’ money at a state prison if convicted.

This is not an isolated case. Illegal casino operators must now compete with the Internet casinos. Therefore, increasing levels of customer satisfaction are required, thus there’s love, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll to face Android casinos among other technical miracles.