Revise all the 21 rules and learn new casino strategies from two free blackjack books by celebrated card game experts.

• Learn about basic blackjack rules, side bets and tournament play
• Featuring the techniques of blackjack legends
• The best free blackjack books online

If you’re about to learn some smart strategies or just want to refresh your existing blackjack knowledge we have two useful and free blackjack books to recommend. Maybe you won’t like the analytic side of blackjack, than why spend money on pricey paperbacks? Especially when some kind-hearted authors published their guides on the web, totally free of charge. Take a look at these titles for some tips that might dramatically improve your online blackjack strategy.

Norm Wattenberger’s informative and free blackjack books

Our first suggestion is by Norm Wattenberger the developer of Casino Verite Blackjack software, which is regarded as one of the most convenient blackjack training programs.

The reader gets a detailed introduction to important American and European blackjack rules, tournaments, bonuses, side bets and card counting basics. ‘Modern Blackjack I/II’ were born with the contribution of such blackjack professionals as Rick Blaine and Don Schlesinger. To read the books visit Wattenberger’s site and scroll through all the 540 pages.Watterberger is a blackjack legend who helped numerous professional teams and players over the years, so his advice is taken to heart. ‘Modern Blackjack’ is witty and well-structured with the following chapters: My First Tips, Blackjack Rules, Basic Strategy, REKO Card Counting Strategy, The FELT Count, Performance Comparisons and more.

Know your blackjack rules, play intelligently

‘Intelligent Blackjack’ is the next book on our list, written by Sam Braids, the author of ‘Intelligent Poker’. With contents like The Game of Blackjack, Flow Chart of a Hand of Blackjack, Blackjack in Casino, Basic Strategy, Card Counting and Successful Gambling this is a compact handbook that gives a nice insight to the world of blackjack and beginner card counting.