Visionary iGaming
Blackjack Early Payout

Visionary iGaming, a leading provider of live dealer casino games, has introduced their proprietary live Blackjack Early Payout™ game at the International Casino Exhibition (ICE) at Earls Court in London, England.

Blackjack with an early payout is a relatively new variant on the classic blackjack game which eliminates a player’s need for strong knowledge of blackjack strategy and reduces the necessity of making tricky arithmetic calculations. In fact, instead of choosing whether to hit, stand, split, or double, players can only choose between “Next Play” or “Early Payout”. If the player chooses next play, the dealer will automatically hit when basic strategy suggests a hit, or stand when basic strategy suggests standing.

So, what is the early payout? At every step during the hand, blackjack players choose whether to accept a house calculated early payout instead of taking the blackjack hand to its normal conclusion. The early payout varies throughout the hand according to a mathematically calculated “Early Payout Multiplier” which is determined by the player’s probability for winning the hand, minus a small margin which allows the internet casino to maintain a profit. This Early Payout Multiplier is multiplied by the player’s wager to determine the complete value of early payout.

For example, lets imagine the Blackjack Early Payout player begins by staking a $10 wager. The player is dealt the 3 of spades and the 2 of clubs, giving him a total of five. The dealer is showing a 6 of spaces. The blackjack card game presents a Early Payout Multiplier of -0.03. If the player accepts the early payout, he would receive $9.70, which is a loss.

To clarify for mathmaticians:

Early Payout = (Stake x Early Payout Multiplier) + Stake = ($10 x -0.03) + $10 = ($-0.3) + $10 = $9.7

In this hand, the blackjack player has lost money because he has quit with a hand which is relatively weak compared to the dealer’s up card, however in an alternative scenario the player can win with an Early payout. For example, if the player was holding a 6 of hearts and a 5 of spades, giving him a total of 11, but the dealer was showing the 6 of clubs, the Early Payout Multiplier would be 0.64:

Early Payout = (Stake x Early Payout Multiplier) + Stake = ($10 x 0.64) + $10 = ($6.40) + $10 = $16.40

Thus, the player could take a $16.40 early payout and profit from the $10 wager.

At this year’s ICE, Visionary iGaming also presented several other live dealer games including 7-seat blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat. Regarding the conference, Visionary CEO Martin Reiner stated “This is our 3rd year exhibiting at ICE and by far the most exciting show of the year due to its size and global reach. This year will be especially interesting because live online casino games are probably the single biggest area of interest from established gaming operators at this time; if they don’t already have a solution in place, we know they are looking for one.”