Enjoying a game of blackjack is a sure fire way to make some extra money if you know what you’re doing, but playing the game isn’t always about winning.

Everyone loves to win; regardless of what they are playing, a win is a universally perceived success. This rule is not specific to blackjack, and it’s not specific to gambling either; it’s sort of an all encompassing rule of all contest and competition.

However, sometimes the act of winning is not the only positive that can be taken away from a game once it’s over; achieving victory and financial profit are not the be all and end all, there are other things players can gain.

The best part is, usually everyone who participates gets a slice and it’s not all given to the victor.

This is again a truth that is not only attached to gambling activities; the same participation benefits that a poker fan can gain at the table can also be found on the football field. We’re talking about the social aspects, which is something everyone involved usually can enjoy.

We’ve taken a look at the social aspects of the game, and shown that it’s not always about Winning at blackjack.

Social Gaming

Throughout the history of blackjack, and by extension all casino games, and by even further extension all games of competition, those who have taken part and played have enjoyed the other players company to some extent.

Other gambling games that are equally as sociable

• Craps

• Poker

• Bingo

Now, I know you’re remembering that guy who you had at your table who swore that you were unlucky the minute you sat down, and generally seemed to hold a certain disdain for you the entire game. Forget about that guy, sadly these players exist but they by no way represent the majority of players.

Human nature is rooted in socialization and social interactions, so why would the atmosphere at a popular gambling past-time be any different? Well, it’s not; generally, people enjoy the social benefits that come along with a crowded blackjack table.

Some will even specifically seek out the more crowded tables as it’s the interaction they are at the casino for, not just the games.

Social Blackjack at the Casino

Sometimes the other players you’re seated beside will have some odd casino table manners, and for some players this is frustrating. However, when you get a good mixed group of individuals all playing to have fun the good times will roll.

As every one with a hand is playing against the dealer, a good sense of camaraderie can be achieved with the people sitting alongside you. Players can openly chat as the game progresses and stories, hints and tips can all be exchanged, which might help your strategy for future games.

The best part about it is that the casino acts as a social equalizer; everyone at the table is there to play blackjack, and everyone is equal regardless of their usual social role.

The image of a sad lonely man, hunched over his last few chips, sweating profusely while he damns his god for his terrible luck is an old and tired one. Modern casino play brings people together and gives players an audience with the others around their table.

When the dealer busts out, you and your new friends can cheers as you all celebrate a table win; apparently, the more boisterous and crowded tables actually tend to get priority from casino waitresses’, so all that social interaction may even get you all a few free drinks.

Online Blackjack

So, you love blackjack and you equally enjoy the interaction you’ve received the last few times you visited the casino, but unfortunately you can’t get any time off of work and the next chance you’ll get to enjoy the same is in a few months.

You needn’t worry; with the abundance of live online social casinos now available, there is now a way for you to get your fix of both from your own home.

Playing online and mobile blackjack used to mean you would play a game against a pre-programmed computer, but now there is always an option to play against other live players like yourself.

This means that you can meet and chat to new people on a regular basis who have a common interest with you in blackjack. Online casinos attract people from all over the world, so you can easily meet interesting individuals from other parts of the globe who will maybe give you an insight into their life; this is pretty sweet considering you don’t even need to get out of bed to begin.

By chatting, watching and playing alongside these other live players, tricks and playing habits can be exchanged and your strategy can benefit from another’s viewpoint and input.

The live online social casino market has grown rapidly in the past year, and it’s likely that the growth will continue due to the increasing popularity of this gambling method.

The main thing to draw from this is that the company of players at the same table alone can sometimes be worth heading out to the casino for; these people will be like you, they will have the same interest in blackjack as you and will no doubt be able to either teach you or learn from you.

Go find yourself a crowded table and get involved, you might just enjoy it.