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Blackjack knife attack
Blackjack knife

Those who play blackjack well need to be careful when taking money from a clueless, but an aggressive, sucker.

Some people just can’t learn how to be winning at blackjack. No matter how hard they try. The game is demanding and requires mental alertness, ability to add numbers quickly, all while staying calm.

A professional blackjack player will see when a sucker sits at a table. And the pro will apply all the blackjack tricks in their arsenal. And it will continue until the sucker cries and leaves the table like a baby who lost a pacifier.

The problem is when the losing black jack strategies bring great anger and the side which lost money goes purely lunatic.

True, there are casino guards. But, patrons usually aren’t checked the way the passengers are before boarding an airplane. Sometimes a knife may be suddenly pulled out, more quickly than in South Central LA. This, indeed, has happened at one American casino.

One 64-year-old blackjack player became so agitated at a blackjack table that he threatened to decapitate his opponent and stick his head on a pole in front of the casino. When the police arrived, this deranged gambler, who quickly lost all his bets, became even more aggressive. Fortunately, police was able to resolve the situation and arrest the demented person.

For those not willing to deal with psychopaths, especially not during tournaments when many parties are present, there are many options to participate in an online blackjack tournament via the Internet or mobile phone. Some quality online casinos also offer blackjack with live dealers attending to the table.