Judge rules

Many know that the British justice system is often a joke as many cases prove that.

Let’s take a Somali jihadist, who invited to the country and fed well by the taxpayer, decided to assist in London 2005 bombings. This scumbag was released from prison in 2011 after very shot stay for the atrocity committed. Now, he can’t even be deported to Somalia as this would ”violate the human rights” of this nasty creature.

In light of this, one recent ruling of the British judges is not as shocking, but makes the United Kingdom an encouraging place to commit a fraud. Why face decades in prison in America when doing similar acts on the British soil will often get you slapped on the hand. That’s all. Well, maybe a year or two for a big scam.

The casino gambling news recent investigation has learned that two financial advisors stole 3 million GBP ($5 million) from the naive investors. (This is not surprising as fraud in the financial industry is common. In fact, some psychiatrists estimate that as much as 10% of financial workers may expose psychopathic tendencies; that’s in comparison to only 1% of the general population.)

The pair of men promised excessive real estate returns to the homeowners. Not that the fraudsters tried to make a return. At least, not as it was understood. The pair actually went to gamble over the Internet, playing such games as online blackjack, poker, and others.

Unfortunately, the winning at blackjack proved to be too difficult for the smooth-talking fellows. Subsequently, they lost all $5 million, resulting in many investors losing their homes. The compassionate British judges, in a benign ruling, decided not to ruin the fraudsters’ lives when they go home after serving short prison sentences. Thus, the court ordered the men to pay back investors… two British pounds. This makes it a pound a head.

This is quite light when compared to $700,000 in losses one of investors suffered. Then again, the criminals seem to get more affection under the British justice system than the victims. How about one lash per each thousand stolen?