Atlantic city is safe as Beirut
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Atlantic City always had ambitions of matching Las Vegas, while becoming the gambling destination for New York metro area and the entire East Coast. Atlantic Ocean beaches combined with casino entertainment seemed to be the right mixture.

However, the city is no longer a shining star of American gambling. The land-based casino revenues aren’t raising as fast as expected due to the punishment coming from the Great American Recession.

The city is still able to attract Black Jack Tournament players willing to roll with real cash to win. Slot machines with progressive jackpots continue to spin. Yet, something is missing…

What is missing is the sense of safety for the gamblers. How secure can a player feel after Winning at blackjack at a local casino? Not too safe. Never mind walking the streets, even getting in a car may get you occasionally hijacked.

Not long ago, two local thugs went on a criminal rage on Atlantic City streets. A man and a woman, lovers and partners in crime, committed murder, arson, armed robbery, and carjacking, while big table casino games were taking place in a nearby casino resort.

Since some New Jersey State Troopers happen to be Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars veterans, and want to be even tougher than Texas cops, they gladly pursued the couple, effectively preventing them from reaching a hide-out in Philadelphia.

Under verbal drills and long prison threats from the police, the casino gambling news reports, the lady-thug betrayed her lover for a reduced sentence of….30 years in state prison. This may make Atlantic City gamblers feel a bit safer.

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