Super Bowl XLVI is coming
Super Bowl XLVI

American Football is a very popular sport in the United States. Sports such as baseball and basketball are very popular as well. However, the scarcity of American Football games only adds to the prestige of its final game, the Super Bowl.

According to casino gambling news, Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in America. It takes place once a year. It is bigger than a Champions League final in Europe. The Americans get together and have parties to celebrate this event.

In addition, real money bets take place between work colleagues and friends. These bets are not only placed on the winner, but also on the score or who will lead after the first half, etc. The analysis and odd counting gets as complex as that of casino card games where multiple smart strategies compete in order to win.

Indeed, Super Bowl final feels a bit like the final of football (soccer) World Cup that takes place only every four years. Super Bowl Sunday is a national holiday, compared to such days as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Only those, who lived or live in America, can truly understand this day.

What is even harder to understand for foreigners is that Americans, during commercial breaks, stay in front of their televisions to watch the ads. The truth is that the advertisers save their best commercials for this event. The commercials are so fun to watch that tens of millions of people love to see them.

Winning bet: Patriots or Giants?

The last year’s winners were Green Bay Packers who defeated Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25. This year, Super Bowl XLVI will see New England Patriots and New York Giants play at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Mobile sports betting outfits are already vying for customer bets on the Super Bowl final.

Great emotions are coming!