Let’s take a look at the blackjack scene in the famous guy bonding movie of 2009, The Hangover.

The movie Hangover may be familiar to many, as this 2009 blockbuster was the world’s tenth-highest-grossing movie that year. This quirky film grossed USD 467 million and won the Golden Globe for the best comedy movie. Its movie may derive from the relatable, geeky characters and plotline, since almost everybody knows the evils of the morning-after.

Blackjack players have even more reason to be fond of The Hangover, since there is a central scene revolving around this renowned card game. The movie had an undeniably massive impact on Las Vegas casinos, especially on Caesars Palace. Ever since its release, people from all around world use some iconic quotes from the characters. The employees of the casino report that the question “Did Caesar live here?” became a recurring line at their destination.

Las Vegas, the ultimate place for fun

The movie revolves around four good friend, who visit Las Vegas in a vintage Mercedes-Benz for a bachelor party. Doug Billings, played by Justin Bartha, is the lucky one accompanied by his friends Phil, Stu and Doug’s future brother-in-law Alan. Following some drinks on the rooftop of Caesars Palace hotel, the celebration changes all their plans. The morning after the wilding, they awake with the most awful hangover, without remembering anything from the previous night. But where is the place of casino strategies in the big picture?

Their room is upside down and there are many unexplainable and hilarious on-goings in the luxury apartment: a tiger and a chicken in the room, a random baby in the wardrobe, Stu’s missing tooth and the whereabouts of Doug. As they attempt to recall the happenings, it turns out that Stu spiced up their drinks with a date drug called “Good Morning, Cinderella.” Well, their morning is everything but good as they have to locate and bring back Doug for his upcoming wedding.

Blackjack as a lifebelt

As they retrace their night, the friends find out that Stu married a stripper (Heather Graham), even though he is married to the controlling Melissa, who was against the party from the beginning. After many complications, the trio realizes that the tiger belongs to Mike Tyson and the baby’s mother is the stripper. Also, it turns out that they ran off with USD 80,000, belonging to an Asian gangster, Leslie Chow.

Chow reveals that he kidnapped Doug and he will end his life if the money is not returned. Since they can’t find the sum, the trio is in a huge trouble. As it happened in numerous movies, the friends find the answer in the blackjack cards. It appears, that this game is a life-saver for many, since it offers a huge reward if played with a decent blackjack strategy. Fortunate enough, the trio has something to save them from the criminals.

The movie and the truth

Alan appears holding a book with a glorious expression on his face. With the help of “The World Greatest Blackjack Book” they may be rescued. An interesting fact is that this guide actually exists, and it can be purchased by anyone. This blackjack strategy book was written by Lance Humble, and it is available since the 80’s. It is a bible for the blackjack players, as it contains all the information on betting strategies and odds, both for Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Using this book, players can even up their odds with the house.

With a catchy soundtrack in the background, the friends are heading to the blackjack tables to try the advices of the book. The goal is to win USD 80,000, in order to set their mate free. Alan appears with equations all around him, as he examines the cards. When sits down his friends do the same. From this moment, they start winning and pressing their bets. Just before they are almost caught, the trio leaves the table with USD 82,4000, a bit more than what they needed to save Doug. Even though this is fiction, the movie exemplifies how the combination of a good strategy and huge bets can make you a big winner. Blackjack professionals agree, that making USD 80,000 in an hour is not at all impossible, if you follow some rules.